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08 May 2014 @ 11:03 am

I haven't been very active in LJ lately, mostly because pretty much everyone seems to have a tumblr nowadays and I'm only using mine to talk about life things, but I figured I'd post this here in case there was someone interested who didn't have tumblr or dA.



Ok, this goes for all Transformers and mecha-related commissions.

To ask for a quote send me an ask, submit or mail to mdragones@gmail.com I will answer all of them, so if in 24 hs or so you don't receive any answer assume tumblr ate the ask.

Payment is in US$, Paypal only and upfront once I confirm you have the slot and send you my paypal.

Once I close, I will make a post and link it to my tumblr profile (as well as putting it in my LJ journal feet)  with the list of commissions in queue so you can track the progress. This will include my non-Tf commissions so it's more time-accurate.



> Monochrome sketches ------------ $15 head shot / $25 full body

[Example] [Example]

> Flat-colored sketches ------------- $20 head shot / $30 full body

[Example] [Example] [Example]

> Shaded/polished sketches ------- $30 head shot / $45 full body

[Example] [Example] [Example]

> Icons ---------------------------------- $18

[Example] [Example]

* Add another character ---------- +%50 to any price


- All sketches will be delivered in files large enough to print. Icons are fully colored and polished, but have a fixed resolution of 300 x 300 pxl (with smaller copies to use as avatars upon request).

- Flat-colored sketches might include sparkles, highlights and other small shading details on my discretion. Same goes for some color details or gray-scales in the monochrome pics, as seen in the examples.

- I am flexible with content. Objects, backgrounds, panels, dialogue, etc. can be added freely if they are small details, or for a little extra. NSFW content might be ok depending on what exactly it is depicting. All questions are welcome.


19 April 2014 @ 01:29 am
Because I wanted to rest a bit from srs bsns drawing, so what better way for that than celebrating the first canon female transformer I really like.

So there, Chromia, and sizable weaponry shall happen int his stream.

08 March 2014 @ 07:45 pm
Life this past months and stuffs (maybe TMI, depending on your sensibilities)

January was just a whole month of preparations for the fact that a dear internet friend would come to visit for a week at the end of it. I was equal parts bouncing with excitement and scared out of my head, fearing I'd fuck up somehow.

Visit happened. It was a continued trip of awesome, awkward and generally good times. I was left the happiest happy, and I think they had a good time, too ^^ I learned that ice-cream delivery is not thing in the US. This boggles my mind, and makes me sad for all my american acquaintances.

February was spent working and looking for a home. The boyfriend and me are attempting to buy a place and move in together. Real estate searching sucks, but not as much as I thought it would, being honest. 0w0
This was also the month of worrying, because of the complexities of family communication. Also, I feared for a while that I was pregnant, on account of my organism doing whatever the frag it wants with my cycle. Not cool, internal organs. Not cool.

Work and Commissions

The flashcard work is finished. I still have to make the covers of the books, but the flashcard making itself is over. This means I will be back to fully working on commissions.
As soon as I finish clearing the ones I have left (which should be done in a couple of weeks), I'll probably start opening for small things like icons, and depending on work and study flow, go up from there.

On other news, there is a possible large-ish project in the oven! If things continue to work out, I'll be doing a series of illustrations for a bestiary. Tentacles an teeth ahoy! This is still in the first stages of project-making, so I don't want to say much, but I am super excited about the whole thing. \0u0/

On a less happy note: I don'think I'll be taking complex, polished Transformers commissions again, for a long while.

I'm a-ok with complex composition if they are sketches, or polished images if they are portraits, icons, or something simpler like that, but large, complicated and fully colored images are something that I am still not able to finish fast enough.
The commissions I have left are proof of it, and I won't be getting into something like those again until I know I am able to deliver in a much smaller time than what I can do at the moment.

Well, that's about it.

Expect more frequent stream, posting and commission slots this year. 0u0
09 November 2013 @ 07:51 pm
First of all: Streaming!


Get in to watch Megatron get all reflexive at Cybertron and get shaded in the process.


Second of all: Updates!

My parents called a few hours ago to say that the final bits of painting in the house have dried. The floors and most furniture are not fixed yet, but the place no longer smells like a ball of solvent (for the most part), so they are moving back in from today through Monday, so sometime this week I'll be going back home.


I'm so exceedingly happy. \( >__< )/

I think this is one of those major moments of 'you don't know how important something is until you don't have it anymore'. That something I missed these last two and a half months was the sense of control regarding my environment.
It's logical, I mean, I cannot control what happens in a house that it's not MY house, and technically, I didn't much control what used to happen in my house back before the forced vacations started, but I DID feel that I could, say, stock the fridge without worry of things not being consumed, or organizing pockets of chaos, knowing where things should truly go instead of On That Table.
I want to go back to having my fish with me, too. I need to clean the tanks more often, and get snails to clear the algae, and make a new lid for the small tank.
Also, plushies, I want to do some kind of plush again, and work some more on the music box. I have two weeks to finish that before my grans birthday. >w<

I have a list of to-do the size of my arm, holding my other arm chopped at the shoulder, but it's awesome because I can do all that at home. =D

I figure I'll be riding a sad wave when I'm not 24/7 around Emma, but that's the way of the world until we move in together for good.

That's about all the news. I hope I'll be more productive and leaning more towards being in touch with the universe once the quiet comes back.
30 September 2013 @ 02:22 am
Updates! Have them in the shape of a bullet list!
- After a month and a week, I'm still living at my boyfriend's, cause my house has not yet finished recovering from the fire and associated annoying things. I am considering murder of in-laws, but I know it's just over-exposure, and that my recurrent need for solitude has not been attended for a month, not anything punctal they have done. Stress will kill me yet.

- I'm slowly progressing on commission stuffs. It will still be a while until I open again (half of the pending things in the list are pretty complicated images), but I might open for a couple of Halloween icons, for money is always needed.

- I still have no news on the maybe-new-job. No, actually, I've had, but for every note I get with more information on the matter, a month goes by and 20 of my mails get ignored, not to mention I have more than once been promised deadlines that have not been met. It is clearly being managed by irresponsible people, and I am no longer pending on if I will get it or not. If it happens, it happens (and I WILL ask for payment upfront). If not, no love will be lost.

- I am being sloppy with my stretching exercises, thus, my wrists are starting to ache again. I try to remember to do them, but I keep forgetting. This is being such a fail on y part. -____-

- This last month has been excellent as a taste for what it would be like to go live on our own. We have officially entered the frustrating period of looking for a home together. It is awesome and scary and God! I hope we find something soon, because did I say frustrating? Yes, frustrating.

- I discovered after a while that pretty much all my school work, both university and illustration course, was stored in the living room, so it got burned down or soaked into paper mush. Thankfully, most of my personal artistic production had been done digitally for the last 6 months or so, so that was spared, but still. -__-

- As much as everything I have said so far don't sound very nice, I am quite happy ^^
Living with Emma and Ronda has been awesome, if stressing (see the first bullet point). I love them both to bits.
I've been producing images at a good pace, both personal and work-wise, and I feel like I am constantly wanting to do more stuff. All the stuff!
I have also been talking with zee evil author Bibliotecaria a lot. Beyond the usual fuzzy wuv feels, if there is one thing I cannot be thankful enough for, is the quiet stability of our friendship. It's like rain in the afternoon.
Well, that's about it. Life has been complicated and awesome, as life is wont to be. I keep thinking things are looking up, which happens all he time, which proves I'm an extremely bad judge of reality-character. <:D


Pasted from furaffinity.com
25 August 2013 @ 05:53 am
Ok, so things have happened in the last 24 hours which I need to record somewhere, so I'm going to do it here.

I'll start with the fact that things are ok right now.

That being said, yesterday at roughly 3 am the living room in my house caught fire.
Apparently, the fuse box decided to immolate itself, taking the stereo with it, which in turn took the curtains and the sofa, and thus, the living room was no more.
The real fire happened only in that room, but the house is inhabitable right now. The smoke filled everything, so now every single item of the house has a layer of sticky sooth, thickness depending on how close the place was to the living room. Also, the fireman busted the door down and then proceeded to hose down everything, so the whole mess became wet. Everything reeks of burnt plastic so much it irritates eyes and nose, too.

I found out about this at 9 am today when my mom called me with her Everything Is Ok voice asking me to come and pick clothes from my wardrobe, since I'm gonna be staying at someone's place for a while, and think of what to do with the fish.

My brother was at a friend's, I was at Emma's (as I usually am on weekends), and my parents were supposed to go out for a weekend trip to the coast, roughly at 5 or 6 am. That is to say, my parents were asleep and alone in the house.
Now my dad sleeps lightly, so the crackle-pop of things burning downstairs woke him up. By then, the house was a solid ball of smoke, but the window in their room is the only one that has a small balcony, so they went outside and called for help. A neighbor called the fire department, and in less than 5 minutes they were both on the ground, freaked out, but mostly ok. Then they went to the hospital and both checked out as completely healthy, unlike the fireman who took them there. The nurses made some routine studies and my parents were a-ok, but the fireman had extremely high blood pressure, so he was forced to stay behind. The irony.

A smaller problem is that this happened on a Saturday early morning. The forensics from the insurance people won't come until Monday, so the house has to stay as-is for them to determinate if by any chance this isn't some kind of mildly-suicide plot to cheat the company and collect the insurance. Anyways, this meant that there was not much to do until Monday, other than taking everything form the freezer and bringing it to my grandparents' (bless is her monster giant fridge/freezer), so we all went to have lunch there in what was one of the most awkward and single-themed family reunions of my whole life.

Then me and Emma, (who had come to help, too) went back to the house to see what could be done about the fishes, getting clean clothes for the week, etc. The tanks needed electricity, so we had to transport them both to my other grannie's house. They had to be emptied completely for them to be transportable, so I worry about the health of the bacteria colonies. That, and I have no idea what the sooth might have done to them. I hope it's nothing.

After that there was not much to do, so we both came back to Emma's house. Today we were supposed to have a get together for gameboarding which we decided not to cancel, because well, distracting ourselves from everything was something that we could both use.
It was a great idea. I had an awesome evening playing Game of Thrones.

Now, the surreal part of all this is for me, that aside from two minutes of wibbling on the bus back home, is that I'm not extremely upset about this. We were so very amazingly lucky. It might not sound like that, but it's true.

Things like, what if the fire had started a couple of hours later and no one would have noticed before the whole house burned down. What if my dad hadn't woken up. What if we were not insured (this one is still mostly hopeful, since insurance companies tend to be absolute assholes when you actually need them, but even so). What if it had been a different part of the house we actually need for surviving, like the kitchen. What is ANYTHING.

I can't help thinking this could have been a disaster. It's still going to be hell to fix, (I foresee LOTS of scrubbing in my near future) but it can be done and, eventually, life will go back to normal. I just see the house, the burnt things, my fishes, the whole mess, and the only thing I can fit in my head is that my mom and dad are alive and well.

I really can't think about anything else.


EDIT: I almost forgot I took some pictures. Among the rubble, there was this plastic dinosaur toy that survived intact, and it was the weirdest and most awesome room-sized post-apocalypse postcard I'll ever get.

27 July 2013 @ 02:45 am
Here’s the finished Ratchet head form MTMTE#18.

It’s 22cm x 6cm x 6cm and it’s made entirely of hot glue, felt, wool, and a couple of sequins for the optics and spark chamber.

You can see a turn-around video of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDGwUa8iZLY&feature=youtu.be

It will be up in my etsy shop in a couple of minutes: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CraftofShibara

I was thinking of making a felt plushie version of Ratchet’s head, spine and spark chamber, as seen in the last MTMTE chapter after Pharma had his fun (last panel of this comic page http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/sir_razorback/5718667/69807/69807_original.jpg)
The head would be around 8 cm tall and the whole thing around 18 cm or so. It could have a tiny cotton rope loop to attach a keychain or one of those suckers to hang things in glass.

It would be done with glued felt instead of stitched, much like my previous plushies:

I’m gauging interest, since I’ve got other things I might want to plushify (though this one is at the top of the list atm and I might do it anyways xD), so would anyone be interested in buying this, and what price would you think is fair for it?
12 July 2013 @ 09:52 am
Regarding my last non-livestreaming post, so many thanks to everyone for the nice wishes and reassurance. It did me real good. UuU

In the end, the deal was not closed, so moving will not happen.
I know I'm supposed to be bummed out, but honestly, I am completely high on no-longer-stressed feels. I was so relieved I slept a bazillion hours and recovered my usual night-life scheduled, which made yesterday the most productive day of the month so far. Lots of painting, some fic writing, a bunch of drugged-up meta-theorizing for posterior chewing, which I need to fire at my meta-theorizing partner in crime as soon as I catch her around. I have been having THOUGHTS of Highly Indecent Alien Robot Activities nature.... I'm just so happy to have my quiet back. TTwTT

I hope the next time something like this comes up, I manage to avoid the emotional diarrhea. If not... well, not. Venting posts might do their triumphant come-back, and then stress will eventually go away, again, and I'll be thanking people for being nice, again. <:D

Cheers, and thanks once more. ^^